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What's The Online Challenge?


Are you tired of dieting without the lasting results you’ve worked so hard to achieve? You’ve said no to yourself, time and time again, to ultimately reap very little for your efforts. I know, because I used to be in the tyrannical cycle of dieting too! 


I hope you’ll take some time this year to stop what hasn’t brought permanent results in the past and begin exploring the real reasons why Diets Don’t Work and how you can lose weight permanently without unreasonable food restrictions. 


I’m here to help with a FREE 3-day FOOD FREEDOM Challenge where I’ll be sharing a Biblical perspective on why Diets Don’t Work and how you can tear away from the crazy cycle of dieting and its empty promises. 


Your freedom awaits and so does permanent weight loss as you apply what you’ll learn throughout the Challenge.

Our time together takes place October 4-6th, daily at 12pm MST. 


Wet your appetite with this brief outline…


Day 1:  Diet mentality & our REAL hope for success

Day 2:  Coming out from under the law & CRUSHING the guilt cycle

Day 3:  Comfort eating EXPOSED & ELIMINATED forever

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For those of you who are ready to dive extra deep, there’s a VIP option for only $37!

In addition to the FREE 3-day FOOD FREEDOM Challenge sessions during the day you will also have access to additional training in the evening.

Join me 
October 4-6th, daily at 12pm and 6:30pm MST.
 Your VIP experience includes: 
Processing more fully what was discussed during the day sessions
Additional coaching including rich times in prayer and prophetic ministry
Getting to the roots that are driving eating issues in your life
 Access to all the Challenge replays

Meet Your Coach!


Mimi Kroger is a Health & Weight Loss Coach with a heart for helping others heal through Biblical principles.  She's a bestselling author, speaker, nationally certified personal trainer, nutrition guide, and behavior change specialist with a passion for health and wellness.

She brings her clients into food freedom through nutritional guidance and by discovering the root causes of emotional comfort eating and other addictions so they can live joyful, healthy, and destiny-fulfilling lives!

Mimi loves to beautify all things including homes, wardrobes, and people's hearts. She's the proud mom of an awesome adult son and resides in Colorado with her loving husband, Ben. They have one tenacious Yorkie named Hugs! 
To learn more please visit:
Mimi also serves her community through 3 John 2 Ministries, a faith-based non-profit organization, equipping individuals on how to connect with the Holy Spirit, nourishing their souls through that connection, and healing physical disease or emotional dis-ease as a result. 

What is it like to work with Mimi?

Mimi has helped me lose 46 pounds while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I feel great! She is fun, energetic, motivational, and brings a positive attitude to everything she does. I’ve gained tools through our coaching sessions that are sustainable and have led to my personal growth and freedom. I’ve even said goodbye to diabetes!

 - Josh M. 
When I met Mimi I was going through a difficult divorce. I struggled with emotional eating, depression, fear of my future, and at least 40 pounds of unhealthy weight gain. Mimi graciously partnered with me and walked through every challenge with me. She is a true champion of love, care, and health. I was horrible at this. When I started the food log filled with alcohol and poor choices I was embarrassed (not to mention feeling drained and exhausted due to those choices) but...she was excited!! At that moment I knew she was my girl…the one who never judged, the one who would do workouts with me, the one who simply suggested alternatives, the one who educated me on how food fuels, the one who saw my depression turn into joy, and the one who saw my confidence rise. Mimi got to the root of my poor food & life choices and I finally found true freedom. She spoke wisdom & life into me and I’m forever changed!

 - Betsy C. 
Mimi is very caring and attentive to my needs. She knows what my limits are and how far she can push me. She encourages me and motivates me to do better. She has been a life saver in helping me to stay on track with my weight loss goals. Plus she is an amazing person!
 - Brooke S. 

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